Video Library

Our video library includes links to all the videos posted on the ReadWriteServe Tutoring Website.

RWS Tutoring Introduction

An introduction to United Way of Central Carolina's Project 1,000 and the RWS Tutor Training program.

The RWS Approach to Tutoring

Information about the RWS Tutor Training program and it's structured but flexible approach for helping meet the needs of struggling readers.

Phonics & Decoding

What to know more about phonics? Here is an overview of phonics and helping learners learn some of the most common letter/sound patterns.

This video provides useful word attack and decoding strategies for tutors to use with learners. These include questions and verbal prompts for tutors to ask learners.

Word families are a useful teaching tool for helping learners decode words that have common spelling patterns. For example, the -an word family (can, man, fan, pan, etc.).


Tips and suggestions for helping learners who need helping building fluency.